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A large retail bank wanted to to enhance the usability of their work management tool, Workfront, within the organisation, while reintroducing it to employees. To accomplish this, Optima identified organisational-specific operational needs that could be introduced and enhanced within Workfront. Once these elements were established, the change strategy, along with communications, training, and engagement approaches and took the client through the Workfront adoption journey.


  • Collaborated with key stakeholders to understand operational processes and employee needs for transitioning to the work management tool.
  • Identified and addressed gaps in processes, organisation, technology, and user experience using insights from Behavioural Science, Digital Transformation, and Change Management.
  • Developed custom change, training, and communication plans to meet operational requirements.
  • Delivered a tailored Marketing platform with strong Champion Network and Leadership support to drive transition.
  • Established structured engagement strategy for ongoing optimisation, including communication, training, and pulse checks, supported by celebratory activities and stakeholder coaching.


  1. Workfront’s usability improved, leading to increased adoption among employees.
  2. The transition to Workfront delivered process efficiencies and boosted business engagement.
  3. Identified and removed barriers to transition, integrating systems for improved effectiveness.
  4. Established support networks and leadership backing facilitated smooth transitions and fostered a culture of change.



  • Moving CRM teams used different tools to one central platform.
  • Changing employee perceptions of Workfront.
  • Building middle management and stakeholder buy-in to champion the transition to Workfront.


  • Improved process efficiencies and boosted business engagement.
  • Enhanced tool effectiveness through integrated systems and governance frameworks.
  • Established Champion Network and leadership support for smooth transitions.
  • Implemented structured engagement strategy for effective communication.

‘’Optima are like a Rolls Royce in comparison to the Fiat 500 we were used to. ‘’

Head of Marketing Technology, Large Retail Bank