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A large organisation within the energy sector was seeking a holistic picture of core commercial performance metrics. Although many forms of measurement existed, they weren’t matched into a centralised location, and were lacking the coverage needed to enable commercial decision making.

The business needed a joined-up data solution that offered comprehensive and reliable reporting.


Optima began working to develop a centralised analytics suite. Working with users, we built out a suite of use cases, and worked to identify existing sources of data. The next step was data discovery, interrogating existing sources, and working to resolve issues and improve underlying data quality.

We patched these disparate sources together to develop a centralised data asset which could be used across the business. This was used to power a suite of performance analytics dashboards, giving the business the first joined-up view of funnel performance metrics and improved reporting accuracy.

Following on from the success of our initial launch, we acquired interest for further expansion. We’re now working to add more dimensions such as lifetime value, stages such as installs and engagement channels into our dashboards to further improve commercial outcomes.


  1. A core enabler for the organisation’s growth strategy, serving both c-suite executives and commercial teams with core trading data as well as detailed funnel analysis.
  2. Improved commercial decision making, with a more informed, real-time perspective of business, customer, product, and channel health.



  • Multiple historic data issues were unearthed that needed resolving before development could begin.
  • This enabled us to shine a light on upstream data issues, and work with the business to leave its underlying data in a much better place.


  • Delivery of a new dashboarding suite, used to fuel key commercial decisions.
  • Resolution of key historic data issues affecting top line reporting.
  • Massive expansion in the breadth and depth of analytical coverage.

“We see increasing appetite from business colleagues for simple, sophisticated ‘golden sources’ of insight. Optima dived into the complexity of making this happen, combining leading-edge engineering design with deep knowledge of stakeholder and delivery management. We now have a joined-up analytics suite, which has never been seen before in our organisation.’’

Senior Growth Analytics Manager, Large Energy Organisation