Data Science & Engineering

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Our experienced data science consultants identify commercial problems and generate an effective plan to tackle them. They ensure you’re using the right software and systems in the most profitable way.

We work with multiple applications and maps across many different sectors: from credit risk and affordability assessment in Financial Services, to quantifying the effect of smart technology on consumer energy management in the Energy industry.

Predictive Analytics

Optima are leaders in predictive customer analytics and decisioning systems. Our data science consultants support many businesses to harness their customer data and gain commercial advantage. By developing intelligent models that allow you to predict consumer behaviour, we help you assess, quantify and test the true value of your customers, their eligibility and risk, and their propensity to buy certain products.


Data Engineering

When you’re managing customers, you need the right data to support you, and you need it at the right time. Data engineering is constantly changing the way software is gathered and can transform and utilise customer data. Our experienced data engineers find opportunities to build intelligent software that can, for example, pipe data into call centre ‘next best action’ systems.


Health Data Science

Our Health Data Science consultants, sit within our newly launched division – bioXcelerateAI . They have extensive academic, scientific and industry experience utilising data science. They develop leading-edge tools which are used widely in blue-chip organisations and institutions, e.g. in early phase drug discovery research, clinical trials and epidemiological studies. By combining advanced mathematics with software engineering, they build cutting edge, own-IP solutions for health and pharmaceutical clients.

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