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With the abundance of data available, there are more opportunities than ever to base key business decisions on empirical evidence. Optima uses vast experience in data science, combining new methodologies with trusted techniques, to extract key insights. To ensure consistent and high-quality results, these insights are supported by cutting-edge Data Engineering. 

We work with multiple applications and maps across many different sectors: from credit risk and affordability assessment in Financial Services, to quantifying the effect of smart technology on consumer energy management in the Energy industry.

Predictive Analytics

At Optima Partners, we extract intelligence from data by applying Machine Learning, principled Statistics, and the latest techniques in Artificial Intelligence. Whether it’s developing smart next-best-action algorithms, forecasting domestic energy consumption, or deriving emotional signals from music, our data scientists apply their deep expertise across a wide range of use cases in sectors such as banking, insurance, retail, energy, and emerging technology. We establish trust in our solutions by providing clear and interpretable insights, regardless of the complexity of the problem and solution. Our aim is to guide our clients on a journey towards empowerment, allowing them to confidently use cutting-edge, algorithm-driven tools. 


Data Engineering

Our Engineering team offer a trifecta of technology driven expertise, specialising in Data, Cloud, and Software Engineeringkey pillars to digitally empower your business. We optimise data collection, transformation, and quality for informed decisions. Our Cloud experts use advanced technologies for scalability, security, and cost-efficiency and our Software professionals craft tailored solutions to boost operations and user experiences. 


Health Data Science

Our Health Data Science consultants, sit within our newly launched division – bioXcelerateAI . The Health Data Science team at Optima provides rapid insights to enhance patient outcomes. Our experts utilise advanced statistics, machine learning, and software engineering to address pressing healthcare challenges. This enables us to craft innovative solutions that quicken time-to-insight and facilitate domain-centric visualisation. With unique algorithms and expertise in drug discovery, genetics, multi-omics, precision medicine, and digital health, we deliver actionable results to clients from pharma giants to emerging biotechs. 

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