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Our Customer Strategy team works with you in two distinct ways: by determining the value of your customer-led business; and by revealing new strategies and technologies to drive consumer behaviour.

How do they do it? By analysing your customer strategy, such as the health of your customer base, finding fresh ways for you to interact with people, and by using the latest technology to capture data, enabling easier and faster ways for them to buy from you.

Understanding your Customer Base

Would you like to build exciting, new customer engagement strategies for your business? Challenges occur because you miss valuable insights hidden within complex and diverse customer data. Our unique LUDA framework (Listening, Understanding, Deciding and Acting) enables you to properly understand the people who buy from you, and map their digital footprint across many different channels.

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Engagement Strategy

With a deep understanding of customer behaviour, we develop customer strategies to help you serve them. By sending targeted, timely messages, we help you build awareness, engagement and greater loyalty. Better customer retention opens up different opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell and cut down churn, and with new strategies aligned to your vision and wider goals, you’ll move confidently in the right direction towards a higher focus on customer strategy.

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Technology Enablement

New technology is always exciting and can bring immense value, but it’s a big investment and comes with challenges. We have decades of customer strategy experience to help you leverage existing technology or make the implementation of new software and systems simpler. From ensuring the right processes, to training staff and analysing your data output, we’re only finished when technology delivers the value you need and more.

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