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Optima Partners work across sectors with many clients to deliver value and build enduring relationships with customers. In a dynamic, digital landscape, Design Thinking transforms even the world’s largest brands, giving them tools to succeed.

People are always at the core of our approach. We’re able to draw from decades of industry experience, thought leadership, data science and the latest technology to deliver increased profitability, based on astute customer insight.

What we believe at Optima Partners


Our Mission

Helping businesses deliver customer-centric transformation.


Our Vision

To create value and build enduring relationships.


Our Values

With people and expertise at our core, Optima Partners are led by value and driven by data.

Optima Partners foster an ethical workplace that supports diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

Leadership Team

Headshot of Karen Thomas-Bland

Karen Thomas-Bland

Non-Executive Chair

Headshot of Alan Crawley

Alan Crawley

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Justine Muir

Justine Muir

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Chris Foley

Chris Foley

Chief Data Scientist

Headshot of Murray Allan

Murray Allan

Director of Customer Strategy & Engagement

Headshot of Ross Robinson

Ross Robinson

Director of Design & Transformation

Man presenting about Optima Partners in front of employees

Our big idea

Transformation by Design

Optima Partners Transformation by Design approach integrates state-of-the-art techniques from the latest in design thinking, systems thinking, outcome-driven innovation and data sciences to deliver cutting edge commercial practices.

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How Optima Partners enabled OVO to deliver operational changes by leveraging technology

Optima assisted OVO with the identification, implementation and adoption of a new work management system which fundamentally improved collaboration, transparency and visibility.

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