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A large retail bank collaborated with Optima Partners to tackle the challenge of meeting heightened customer expectations within the Retail Banking sector. Optima’s primary objectives were to create a customer-centric strategy, flawlessly integrate an omni-channel CRM, and secure stakeholder buy-in. Additionally, the assessment aimed to identify areas requiring improvement and develop use cases to illustrate the anticipated customer experience distinctly. Read on to find out Optima’s process in developing a vision & engagement blueprint for the future of 1:1 customer engagement.


  • Collaborated closely with the Chief Customer Office (CCO) to define and implement personalised interactions across all bank channels.
  • Developed compelling evidence to articulate the case for change and future value, effectively presented to the Retail Banking Executive Committee.
  • Created a comprehensive capability overview, identifying existing strengths, areas for enhancement, and future requirements.
  • Designed use cases to illustrate the envisioned customer experience across key journeys.
  • Formulated a detailed roadmap and prioritisation plan for program advancement.


  1. Implemented a tailored customer-centric strategy aligned with the bank’s objectives.
  2. Achieved unified integration of the CRM system, enhancing operational efficiency and customer engagement.
  3. Acquired strong support from stakeholders, ensuring alignment and commitment to the customer engagement strategy.
  4. Gained executive backing, aligning materials and presentations with broader organisational goals.

The engagement blueprint, acting as a roadmap, outlined improvements, and practical use cases effectively conveyed the upcoming customer experience.



  • Rising customer expectations within Retail Banking.
  • Increased pressure from challenger banks.
  • Need for integrated, omni-channel CRM to support wider stakeholder buy-in.


  • Enhanced alignment with bank objectives.
  • Improved stakeholder buy-in.
  • Targeted capability enhancements.