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  • Drive awareness and sales through recently launched direct-to-consumer channel.
  • Grow the contactable and marketable customer base.
  • Increase depth of relationship via product holdings.
  • Launch Sustainable Subscription Service and sustain high engagement with subscribers to drive lifetime value.


  • Optima assessed the organisations existing customer engagement capabilities across people, process, data and technology to benchmark their operating maturity and identify pain-points and critical gaps.
  • We collaborated with cross-functional stakeholders to create a shared vision for the organisation’s customer relationship strategy. This involved defining the role of CRM in bringing that vision to life through multi-channel contact strategies.
  • Optima developed the case for investment to implement the transformation program. They also assisted in choosing a suitable engagement platform tailored for the client and outlined the essential workstream goals and milestones.
  • Optima led the overall program delivery and primary workstreams, including the design and build of a single customer view database, and the implementation and operationalisation of the engagement platform with an acute focus on operating model, to ensure the business is set up and organised around the capabilities to maximise ROI.


  1. 5 channels – email, push (web and mobile app), in-app message (web and mobile app) – enabled within 6 months.
  2. >250% growth in marketable customer base.
  3. >5% growth in monthly direct-to-consumer sales.
  4. >90% open rate within Subscription Service onboarding and engagement programme.



  • No single view of the customer
  • <5% marketable customer base
  • One to all campaigns
  • Reliance on data engineers


  • >250% growth in marketable base
  • >5% growth in DTC monthly sales
  • 5 connected channels in 6 months
  • Always-on campaigns enabled
  • No reliance on technical resources

‘’Optima’s support has proved invaluable in transforming our CRM capabilities to support the subscription service. The single customer view database brings each individual customer into focus, enabling us to better understand and nurture each unique relationship to extend its lifetime value.

We’re a small team managing a massive customer base, so Optima’s help to select and operationalise a customer engagement platform that’s right for our level of resource and technical expertise has rapidly equipped us with new ways to engage and retain our subscribers.”

Global Head of CRM, Major Telecommunications Organisation