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As an enabler to their personalisation strategy, a large UK Retail Bank made the decision to migrate onto Adobe Workfront; a best-in-class enterprise work management platform which enables marketing and creative teams to manage the entire campaign process – from strategy and planning to creative deployment and measurement – on a single operational system of record.

Alongside the technical implementation of Workfront and process re-engineering, Optima were engaged to drive adoption of the platform and new ways of working, drawing on principles from behavioural science and change management to win the hearts and minds of users. ​


  • Oversaw the rollout and adoption of Workfront to over 1500 colleagues across Marketing, Legal and Compliance​
  • Took teams on individual change journeys based on what the platform change, and associated new processes meant to them​
  • Battled with negative perceptions based on an unfit-for-purpose pre-existing workflow tool​
  • Understood barriers to adoption and overcame these with targeted and tailored behavioural interventions​


Technology adoption equates to changing behaviour, and old habits die hard. Optima designed a delivered a user-led adoption plan grounded in behavioural science. This included:​

  • Defining core users, desired behaviours, and understanding the impact of the implementation on them.​
  • Using the COM-B model to pre-empt and diagnose barriers to adoption across the different user groups. ​
  • Designing a series of behavioural interventions to drive adoption, based on desired behaviours and to overcome diagnosed barriers. This included a series of bitesize training sessions and materials, engaging video content, creative and interactive drumbeat communications, personalised to each impacted team.​
  • Establishing and engaging with a network of super users / champions, who represented all teams involved and facilitated adoption into their respective areas.​
  • Ongoing change measurement and surveying of users, grounded in Prosci’s ADKAR framework to understand how individuals’ and teams were moving through the change journey to full adoption. Results from these surveys were used to update the forward intervention plan.​


  1. Driven adoption of Workfront to over 1500 colleagues, across multiple channel teams within Marketing, Legal and Compliance teams.​
  2. Established an engaged network of 20 ‘champions’, representing users across all impacted channels.​
  3. -2 NPS score from internal users with Workfront, increased from as low as -83 with the legacy workflow solution.​
  4. Colleagues gave Workfront a four-star rating overall.​
  5. Over 75% users feel that Workfront allows them to carry out their tasks with ease.​


  1. Over 1500 colleagues have adopted Workfront ​
  2. Engaged network of 20 champions across all channels​
  3. 3/4 users feel that Workfront enables them to do their job​
  4. Users gave Workfront a four-star rating overall​

‘’The team at Optima have played a vital role in the implementation of Workfront at the bank. Their knowledge, experience and support have meant we can deliver on our commitment to implementing a new and improved workflow management tool to our Marketing colleagues. The input from the team covers configuration and development support, understanding stakeholder requirements and training along with broader strategic solutions.’’

Marketing Tech Lead – UK Retail bank