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The Colleague Tech Team at an established energy company wanted to enhance their operational efficiency by developing a comprehensive collection of reports to assess their Jira data effectively. Initially, the team dealt with limited reporting capabilities and were uncertain about the best approach to maximise the utility of their data, considering the tools and structure needed. The growing volume of tickets raised at the Helpdesk made the situation more complicated, with senior leaders increasingly focused on understanding the reasons behind this surge. Optima Partners were called in and began a strategic project to transform the Tech Team’s data handling and reporting capabilities, ultimately aiming to empower the team with actionable insights and drive informed decision-making processes.


  • The data engineering team at Optima conducted a thorough initial discovery phase to identify the most suitable technology, strategic approach, and prioritisation for the build.
  • Developed a thorough suite of interactive dashboards utilising EazyBI, including Executive Summary Dashboards, Training & Mentoring Tools, OSP Dashboards.
  • Performed a detailed evaluation of the Atlassian Analytics visualisation tool, aiding informed purchasing decisions.
  • Implemented a standalone automated reporting solution integrating BigQuery & Tableau, capitalising on the new Foyer Data.
  • Expanded the dashboard offerings to include critical operational aspects such as Downtime, Impact of Automation, Internal Escalations, and BH Resourcing.


  • Enhanced reporting capabilities provided the team with valuable insights into helpdesk performance, facilitating strategic decision-making.
  • Increased visibility into specific operations like password requests, leading to significant reductions in these requests among certain OSPs.
  • Dashboards contradicted the prevailing perception of declining employee numbers by evidencing a substantial increase, enabling the team to advocate for additional resources and budget allocations for equipment and laptops.



  • Our data engineering team addressed the initial lack of reporting capabilities and determining the most effective data utilisation strategy.
  • Integrating and harmonising multiple tools (EazyBI, BigQuery, Tableau) to create a cohesive reporting ecosystem.
  • Ensuring the newly implemented reporting solutions accurately reflect operational realities and contribute to strategic objectives.


  • The project fundamentally transformed the team’s approach to data analysis and reporting, setting a new standard for operational efficiency and strategic planning.
  • By providing clear, actionable insights, the initiative not only streamlined internal processes but also equipped the team to proactively address emerging challenges and opportunities.
  • The enhanced data visibility and improved reporting mechanisms significantly contributed to informed decision-making, resource optimization, and strategic alignment with broader organisational goals.