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Our Energy sector clients are continually changing to meet a demanding market. We work closely with them to provide insight into every customer interaction, and we’ve helped them utilise the latest technology to transform feedback and work towards decarbonisation in the industry.

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Customer Experience

Driving a more personalised experience through a single customer view.

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Meaningful Interactions

Getting the most out of each customer journey at every touchpoint.

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Decarbonisation Strategies

Using the power of analytics to improve your carbon footprint.

Optima and OVO break down barriers to dramatically improve sales

Over a three-year journey, we improved OVO’s customer communications and interactions, developing a framework to aid project governance, and revolutionise customer decision-making.

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May 9, 2024

Natwest’s AI Agent Development: Podcast

The podcast covered NatWest's journey with their AI assistant Cora, touching on several topics: Accessibility Efforts NatWest heavily invested in making Cora accessible to all users by building their own…

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