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The client had been on a three year journey to improve their customer communication and interactions. The step was to understand whether a unified customer decisioning platform would enhance the capability further.

With multiple business stakeholders and different degrees of experience on customer decisioning the challenge was to create a consistent level of knowledge and to evaluate options in as short a time as possible (6 weeks).


Using our expert knowledge and understanding, Optima delivered the framework to evaluate the options for implementing customer decisioning.

The team lead the evaluation, and worked with the stakeholders to develop the strategy and business case.

Suppliers were successfully benchmarked against Functional, Technical and Non-Functional criteria, resulting in a clear recommendation.


  1. Accelerated the decision making process, fundamentally increasing the rate of velocity in formulating a decisioning strategy.
  2. The RFI process lasted only 6 weeks, which included the evaluation and fit of solutions in the market, as well as decisions on the approach. 
  3. Confidently communicated the pros and cons of different solutions to various stakeholders, successfully convincing the OVO energy leadership for its adoption.

OVO Director of Marketing Operations, Lorne Maclennan said:

“The team at Optima have blended really well with our team and Ovo energy as a whole. The depth and width of capability available through Optima enables us to flex focus as required to meet our specific needs at any time. The partnership with Optima has developed well over time as they have become a valuable and trusted part of the team.”