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Optima Partners had an important job: making sure our client, a massive energy company, followed all the strict rules of the Energy Bill Support Scheme (EBSS) set by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNeZ). Our role was to oversee how the scheme was running and handling data for our client. We aimed to ensure that reporting for operations, management, and audits were not just done accurately but also carefully kept up. Ensuring compliance in the energy sector was crucial, as not meeting the scheme’s rules could lead to serious fines from the government. ​


To reinforce our client’s EBSS BI team, a Senior Analyst was deployed to understand the challenge and come up with a solution. Robust data processing mechanisms were then implemented using Google Cloud Platform, Dataform, and BigQuery, ensuring efficient data management. Additionally, comprehensive visualisations and reporting structures were developed in Tableau, providing valuable insights and facilitating informed decision-making processes.​


  1. ​Ensured strict compliance in the energy sector, effectively mitigating the risk of substantial fines from the government.​
  2. Accurate and reliable reporting bolstered the scheme’s integrity and operational efficiency.​
  3. Optimisation of internal resources, allowing subject matter experts (SMEs) to focus on migration and other critical projects.



  • Navigating the complex and stringent compliance requirements of the EBSS.​
  • Integrating sophisticated data engineering tools and processes within the existing infrastructure.​
  • Ensuring continuous and flawless operation of reporting mechanisms to meet both statutory and internal management requirements.​


  • Reduced risk of financial penalties through compliance with regulations.​
  • Improved operational efficiency, reallocating internal SMEs to key projects.​
  • Established a robust reporting framework, setting industry standards for data management and operational integrity in the energy sector.​

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