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In today’s digital landscape, content creation, management, and distribution should be hot topics; fundamental to success… yet they often find themselves overlooked or considered a simple afterthought. While many focus on snazzier topics like personalisation, journey orchestration, and decision-making, the significance of robust content management operations and strategies remains underestimated. At Optima, our Director of Design and Transformation, Ross Robinson, sheds some light on the importance of prioritising content management and why it’s fundamental to success…

The Challenge – Think About the Endgame

Modern marketing teams recognise the value of a centralised repository of content assets. It makes life easier and provides a central source of truth. However, it’s often just a passive repository, not something fit for the future of customer engagement. Without a robust content engine and an intelligent DAM platform, delivering on the vision you promised the Board with real-time personalisation or orchestrated journeys is impossible. Those at the driving seat need to understand the content requirements of their vision and build a content landscape, architecture, operating model, and content mindset to enable it… (and this doesn’t always mean starting from scratch – sweat your current assets first!)

The Game-Changer – Data & Personalisation

Data and personalisation are the bedrock of success in modern customer engagement. Leveraging data, insight, and decision-making allow us to completely personalise and tailor content experiences to individual customers. Whether your goal is building deeper relationships with customers, forging stronger connections, driving higher conversion rates, and cultivating unwavering brand loyalty… your ability to tailor and hold a conversation with them through content is key. This means your content management strategy needs to enable the ability to tailor content for a diverse number of platforms and channels, helping you efficiently repurpose and reuse content across multiple channels… all while ensuring it stays consistent, impactful, and continually measurable.

Key to Future Success – Embracing Intelligent Automation

As the volume, throughput, and complexity of content and digital assets surge, intelligent work management and in-the-moment decision-making become imperative. Content, of multiple shapes, sizes, and complexities, will need to be constructed within an instant, available within a channel within a nanosecond. This means organisations need to think about how they can leverage automation – both across their architecture and the day-to-day tasks of their teams… automation will be key, as will the work management it enables.

Embrace Change – A New Mindset Is Required

The future of content, its management, and how it is operationalised demands a seismic shift in mindset and approach. The traditional model no longer suffices. To thrive, marketing teams, their agencies, and those defining the overarching conversations with customers must think differently… in a completely new way. With a multitude of channels at their disposal, along with thousands of placements/treatments to leverage, along with a huge bank of completely versatile real-time assets, the way in which we market, engage, and entertain our customers will mean companies need to completely rethink how they work and their approach to content.

The Time is Now – Don’t Get Left Behind

Content is changing fast and many addressing the challenges it presents, ensuring they can capitalise on the advantages it will give them. However, many are still struggling with what ‘Content’ will look like, how it will need stored, managed, operated, and measured. Don’t ponder these questions and stand still too long… you’re already being left behind.