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Do your customers have high expectations? They typically want more speed, capacity and reliability, and they want it all at a lower cost. We help you meet those challenges and we do it with data compliance, transparency and improved security and protection.


CX and Personalisation

Identifying value in your customer base to develop a strong, personalised strategy.


Data-Driven Approach

Using Next Best Action models, our algorithms improve every, single interaction.


Tracking Value

Combining intelligence, data and software for successful strategy execution.

How Optima supported HMD in launching a sustainability-focused subscription service

HMD successfully launch brand-new, environmentally sustainable devices and implement innovative new systems and processes to maximise sales through data insights.

May 9, 2024

Natwest’s AI Agent Development: Podcast

The podcast covered NatWest's journey with their AI assistant Cora, touching on several topics: Accessibility Efforts NatWest heavily invested in making Cora accessible to all users by building their own…

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